144 W Schuylkill Rd  Pottstown Pa 19465

Company Officers

President- Randy Whalen

Vice President- Kevin Schutt

Secretary- Kathy Scully

Treasurer- Tracey Shaner

Asst. Treasurer- Dan Coyle

Financial Secretary- Sheryl Dami

Fire Officers

Chief- Joel McMillan

Dep. Chief- Chuck Hipple

Assistant Chief- Chuck Schukraft

Captain- John Fisher

LT- Dan Murphy

Chief Engineer- 

Board of Directors

Chuck Hipple Jr

Chuck Schukraft

Alyssa Schukraft

Kevin Schutt

James Keck

Karen Inhoff

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Use this form below to email the Fire Company.  We will respond at our earliest convenience. If you need more immediate attention please call us at 610-323-3263