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The Benefits of Becoming a Volunteer

Recruiting and retaining volunteer firefighters, fire police or support members has become a considerable challenge to all fire companies in Pennsylvania. The demands of everyday life can be distracting. Here are some of the benefits that motivate volunteers to join!

Serving the Community

Volunteer firefighters seek practical ways to serve their neighbors in a meaningful way. Firefighter service includes responding to emergency calls, participating in community-oriented events including fundraisers such as the Annual Fair, Bingo and chicken barbecues as well as public education events at schools and local businesses. These volunteers are people who thrive on engaging with the community and putting their training, skills, knowledge and experience to valuable use.

Our support or social membership plays a very important role in providing the support to the emergency responders and also help organize and participate in the same community outreach and education events.

Emotional Fulfillment

History and recent studies show that volunteer firefighters and support members are not motivated by money. The emotional fulfillment of value and self worth are evident and the only return that most volunteers desire. The sense of belonging and community is the result of this desire. Volunteers at successful volunteer organizations report that they would continue to perform their duties without pay simply because they love what they do. This is certainly evident at the Norco Fire Company when you see how many life-long dedicated members continue to serve.

Camaraderie within the Firehouse

The sense of being part of something bigger is the bond created among Firefighters and support members. This bond has historically been a driving emotion that keeps volunteers engaged and contributes to the success of the Company. This network of support is rarely experienced in other professions and is unique to emergency personnel.

Volunteer Tax Relief Credit

In 2017, North Coventry Township adopted the Fire Company Volunteer Credit Program and Tax Relief ordinance to provide property tax and earned income tax credits to company volunteers who are residents of North Coventry Township. The relief is based on guidelines established in the ordinance and approve by the company for firefighter and support members. While these amounts may be modest, it was an act of appreciation for the volunteers of the Company and their contributions to the community.

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Complete the form below and our Volunteer Services Director will contact you with information regarding the requirements of applying for membership.   Thank you for your interest. 

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    Membership Types

    Active Firefighter

    Firefighters are emergency responders who respond to 911 calls to provide aid and assistance for those in need. Active firefighters must meet specific certifications and be available for training and education. Firefighters are also expected to assist in fundraising and public relations events.


    Fire Police

    Fire Police fall under the authority of the North Coventry Township Police Department.  Fire Police members provide assistance with traffic and crowd control when requested during emergency responses and community events and gatherings. 

    Support / Social Membership

    Social members provide a supporting role to the Company by participating in fundraising activities throughout the year.  The Fire Company is also in need of assistance with building and grounds  maintenance  and operations.  The company is always in needs of people who are willing to show up and make a difference. Applicants must be 18 years of age or older. No experience is required. All are welcome.

    Junior Membership

    The Company has a Junior Membership program open to persons 16 and 17 years old.  Junior members are mentored on volunteerism and provide support to our Social membership at fundraising events and assist our fire officers with training and  maintenance activities at the Firehouse.  The goal of the program  it to teach our Juniors about the responsibilities and challenges of operating a volunteer fire company and preparing them for a life of contribution.